First Love’s Gentle Breeze


Forty years have passed
since that summer of their youth –
The moonlit walks, the silly smiles,
holding hands, stealing kisses,
riding in the back of the old pickup truck.
A time that was purely magical
to the young girl’s heart,
Awoken for the first time
by a hint of love in the air.
Front porch romance
on starry summer nights.
A birthday concert and a cupcake
that meant more to the girl
than he could ever know.
Playing softball 
until it was so dark,
headlights were sometimes necessary
to finish a close game.
The streak had to end,
as did the magic for him.
But the girl knew love for the first time
and held back a small piece of her heart.
Though she watched him through the years
she moved on…
But never forgot those days –
first love’s gentle breeze,
that swept away the past
and made everything ok,
if for just a little while.

/                                       – JT,
/                                         June 25,  2017


2 thoughts on “First Love’s Gentle Breeze

  1. David Gates sang “If a picture paints a thousand words, then why can’t I paint you” – in this case, I think the “thousand words” paint the picture of those days so long ago. Thanks for posting, R.S.


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