Games to See (For Sure)

**  Ralph D. Russo, in an article for his employer Associated Press, wrote these words earlier this week:  “If you can only watch six games this college football season, well, you should probably consider changing jobs or something because that is no way to live.”

**  Kind of funny, and coforepr  agrees.

**  His choices for the best six games of the 2015 season:
.           Houston vs. Oklahoma on September 5
.           Oklahoma at Texas Christian on October 1
.           Clemson at Florida State on October 29
.           Alabama at Louisiana State on November 5
.           Stanford at Oregon on November 12
.           Michigan at Ohio State on November 26

**  There are plenty more, of course, but two others come to mind immediately as one reads his article:
.           Ohio State at Oklahoma on September 17
.           Alabama at Mississippi, also on September 17

**  Who wouldn’t want to see if Ole Miss can beat mighty Alabama three years in a row?

**  In any event six games is more like one day‘s worth of watching, not a whole season’s worth!


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