Thirteen Paraphrasings from AP’s Commentary on its Own All-Time Top 25

**  Alabama has been ranked #1 in 43 polls under coach Nick Saban.

**  Florida had never been ranked in the top three before November of 1984.  The Gators have had 95 top-three rankings since!

**  Under coach Bobby Bowden Florida State‘s lowest rank from November of 1990 to September of 2001 was #11.

**  Georgia vs. Auburn is the Deep South’s oldest rivalry, and the two teams are just two points apart in the all-time Top 25  (572 to 570).   The series?  Georgia leads 56-55 with 8 ties.

**  Under Coach Bo Schembechler, Michigan appeared in every poll during the 1970s to become the first team to accomplish the feat over a full decade.

**  All 29 of Michigan State‘s #1 rankings occurred before 1970.

**  Nebraska was unranked in just three polls from 1970 through the end of the century!  The coach was Tom Osborne most of that time.

**  In 80 years of the AP poll, there have only been three seasons in which Ohio State was not ranked at least once.

**  Penn State hasn’t been ranked at all in the last four seasons.

**  The last time Pittsburgh was ranked in the top five during the regular season was
December 6, 1982.

**  Texas hasn’t been ranked in the top 10 since September of 2010.

**  At #17 in the all-time Top 25, U.C.L.A. is the highest-ranked team to have never won a national championship.

**  215 of Wisconsin‘s 334 poll appearances (64%) have occurred since 1992.


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