CFP Semis to be More Fan Friendly

**  Duh.  After the ratings for last year’s semifinals fell 36% from the year before, the College Football Playoff had no choice but to its plans and move the games from New Year’s Eves to weekends or holidays.  The changes will take effect following the 2018 season, when games originally scheduled to be played on New Year’s Eve, which is a Monday, will now take place on Saturday, December 29.  The 2019 games will be played on Saturday, December 28.

**  CPF executive director Bill Hancock’s statement noted it’s “the right thing to do for our fans.”

**  Hancock admitted to the AP that when the games were played was the biggest factor in the dramatically lower television ratings for the semifinals after the 2015 season.

**  He also said it was important to his committee to keep the games in the week between Christmas and New Year’s Day, to allow fans to travel to the games.

**  Again, duh.  What would become of college football if it didn’t put the interests and feelings of its fans first and foremost?


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