What Now, Art?

**  Clearly wishing to avoid further negative publicity and embarrassment, Baylor University has settled with former head football coach Art Briles to short circuit his wrongful termination lawsuit. Had the suit gone to trial, innumerable internal records concerning Baylor’s investigation of how it has handled sexual assault cases would have gone public.

**  Briles has withdrawn his request to get legal representation from lawyers other than the university’s in a Title IX suit filed by former student Jasmin Hernandez, who was raped by football player Tevin Elliott in 2012.

**  Financial terms of the settlement were not revealed.  Briles would have been owed $40,000,000 had he not been fired with cause.  It is believed the financial settlement awarded Briles a substantial, if not obscene, amount of money.

**  Does Briles deserve a chance to coach again?  Is looking the other way when rape is likely an offense that precludes ever coaching again?  What if he maintains a low profile and expresses real contrition?  What is he admits his mistakes, accepts accountability, and says he would do things differently?  Without throwing anyone under the bus, could he rightfully claim that others share in the blame?  What if he eventually tells the story from his point of view?  What if he argues he was never the renegade coach he was purported to be in the wake of this scandal?

**  Does he have a chance to ever head his own program in the future?

**  Coforepr  believes the answer is, and should be, no.  More likely for Briles is an offensive coordinator position in the NFL.  A successful run there could conceivably earn him another chance in college, but the odds are against him.

**  Because he took win-at-all-costs to an irresponsible and immoral extreme.


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