Jeremy Foley

**  Jeremy Foley, 63, will retire as athletic director at Florida on October 1.  He will have been on the job at the Gainesville school for 25 years.  Said Foley, “I’ve invested a lot in this place.”  True that.

**  Twenty-seven athletic teams became national champions during his tenure, which ties him for the most among current athletic directors.  Florida averaged more than a national title per year under Foley’s watch.  Incredibly the Gators did not take the SEC All-Sports Trophy only once during the years Foley was on the job!

**  There were three national championships in football  –  1996 under coach Steve Spurrier, and 2006 and 2008 under Urban Meyer.  Spurrier’s team went 12-1; both of Meyer’s teams were 13-1.

**  The Gators won seven SEC championships in football with Foley as the AD.

**  Florida football teams won 10 games or more 13 times over the Foley years.

**  In 2006 Florida won the national title in basketball under Billy Donovan as well as in football, making the Gators the first team to win both championships in the same year.


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