Briles Talks, Regents Don’t

**  For the first time since he was canned as Baylor’s football coach, Art Briles has spoken out publically.  Sort of.  He told Waco radio station KWTX-TV that he hasn’t seen the Pepper Hamilton law firm (of Philadelphia) report on the mishandling of sexual assault allegations within his football program.  He assumes it supports the conclusion by the school’s board of regents that led to his firing.

**  Two football players have been convicted of rape, but the scandal’s reach is well beyond the scope of just the football team.  Baylor president Ken Starr was demoted to chancellor and subsequently resigned, as did athletic director Ian McCaw.

**  Briles dutifully said his “heart goes out to the victims” and admitted, “I have certainly made mistakes, and in hindsight, I would have done certain things differently.”  Briles said he remains “contractually obligated” not to discuss the specifics of the charges and the investigation.  Ha added, “I hope to share with you what I was aware of as soon as I can so Baylor nation can begin the healing process.”  Given his past transgressions, the sincerity of Briles’ comments can legitimately be questioned.

**  The Baylor Line Association, the school’s top alumni group, demanded the release of the full report and called Baylor’s 13-page summary inadequate.  The alumni understandably want details and are pooh-poohing the regents’ claim of needing to protect victim privacy rights.  The alumni feel they deserve to know exactly how the events were handled and that the correct people have been held responsible.

**  There is suspicion that those in power are hiding behind the claim of confidentiality “to shield their own actions.”  The board of regents had no immediate response.


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