Baylor’s Briles Fired

**  Art Briles has been fired.

**  Baylor University dismissed its head football coach yesterday amid allegations of violence and sexual misconduct by his players and improper “investigations” by his assistants, who also stand accused of hindering more official inquiries into wrongdoing by players.  Briles was guilty of repeatedly looking the other way.

**  An official report lambasted the school for its mishandling of sexual assault complaints against football players.  University president Ken Starr was demoted, along with the demise of Briles.

**  Baylor is the largest Baptist university in the country.  A statement from its board of regents said that Starr will vacate the presidency at the end of this month (four days from now) but remain at the Waco institution as chancellor.  Briles has been suspended with “intent to terminate.” Athletic director Ian McCaw has been placed on probation.

**  Not cleaning house but in the same league.

**  Despite great success after years of Baylor football irrelevance, Briles  is unlikely to ever coach a Power Five program again.   His termination comes with eight years remaining on a
10-year contract.

**  Briles won two Big 12 titles at Baylor, in 2012 and 2014.  He coached Heisman-winner Robert Griffin III in 2011.   His teams averaged more than eight wins per season over eight years.

**  Briles, 60, was revered in Waco.  His offenses were innovative, aggressive and fast-paced.  Many felt that his 2014 team should’ve made the first College Football Playaoff after only one loss in the regular season.

**  Starr is a lawyer and former prosecutor; he investigated the Bill Clinton-Monica Lewinsky scandal back in the 1990s.  Last year as president of Baylor he asked the Pepper Hamilton law firm to look into his university’s handling of allegations against football players attacking women.  Damningly, the firm found that football coaches and athletic administrative types had conducted their own “untrained investigations” into allegations, often opting not to report the rape claims to non-athletic administration.  Football staff members met directly with women who had filed complaints and subsequently “discredited” their claims inappropriately, thus failing to afford them their rights “to a fair, impartial and informed investigation.”


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