Got Something Against the Little Guy?

**  Some NFL teams shy away from potential draftees who played at the lower levels of college football.  The fear is that the level of competition faced will mean the prospect won’t be able to cut it against the best football players in the world.

**  Consider the 2016 NFL Draft.

**  The Buffalo Bills had seven selections, and all of them were players from teams in Power Five conferences.  Their first four picks were from teams who made the two College Football Playoffs:  Shaq Lawson  of Clemson, Reggie Ragland of Alabama, and Adolphus Washington and Cardale Jones of Ohio State.

**  There were 10 NFL teams which took one player from a Group of Five conference team and all the rest from Power Five conference teams.  They were Atlanta, Denver, Green Bay, Houston, Miami, the New York Giants, Oakland, San Diego, Seattle and Washington.

**  Cincinnati and Dallas took two Group of Five players, with the rest of their picks being Power Five players.

**  The New York Jets took punter Lac Edwards from Sam Houston State, and FCS school, but all of their other picks were Power Five players.

**  Philadelphia traded for the second pick in the draft to use it on Carson Wentz, quarterback from North Dakota State, an FCS school and five-time defending national champion.  All of the Eagles other seven picks, however, were Power Five players.

**  New Orleans took a player from Canada, but all of its other picks were used on Power Five players.

**  Cleveland had 14 picks and used 13 of them on Division I players.

**  Of the 32 NFL teams, 14 selected only players from NCAA Division I.  That’s almost half.  Just not willing to gamble, even in the later rounds, on those from smaller divisions.  No matter what the stats, film and reputations may say.


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