Hoping the Little Guy Can Make Big Marks

**  No one can accuse the Baltimore Ravens of prejudice against players from schools outside the Power Five.  The Ravens took more players from non-Power Five conference teams than from the Power Five and were the only one of 32 NFL teams to do so.  The Ravens even took a Division II player in the fifth round  –  defensive end Matt Judon of Grand Valley State (Michigan).

**  Half of Arizona’s six picks were players from schools lower than FBS.  No other team took three such players.  In the fifth round the Cardinals drafted safety Marqui Christian from Midwestern State, a Division II school in Wichita Falls, Texas.

**  Philadelphia’s first pick was quarterback Carson Wentz of FCS national champion North Dakota State.  He was the second overall pick.

**  Carolina, Chicago, Indianapolis, Jacksonville and Tampa Bay each took two FCS players.

___   ___   ___   ___   ___   ___

**  In the near future we’ll look at NFL franchises that might’ve been biased against players from small schools where the level of competition makes judging ability more of a guessing game.


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