Leipold Extended and the Upcoming NFL Draft

**  Buffalo coach Lance Leipold has had his contracted extended by one year through 2020.  In 2015, his first season at the MAC school,  Leipold went 5-7 to become the first debuting Buffalo coach to win as many as five games since Bob Deming won six in 1969.

—   —   —   —   —

**  For the first time since 1997 the first two picks in the NFL draft have been traded.  That year, the St. Louis Rams wound up with the #1 pick and took Ohio State left offensive tackle Orlando Pace.  The Oakland Raiders selected defensive tackle Darrell Russell from Southern California at #2.

**  This year the Los Angeles Rams traded last week for the #1 pick, and now Philadelphia has traded for the #2.  Coforepr  fully expects both to take quarterbacks.  The thinking here is that the Rams will go with California’s Jared Goff and the Eagles will take perennial FCS national champion
North Dakota State’s Carson Wentz.


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