Tight Ends Finish Their Testing

For the Top 5 tight ends in the bench press, please see the February 27, 2016 post “Wide Receivers and Tight Ends Bench at the Combine.”

There were 15 tight ends at this year’s combine.  Tight end is generally considered to be to weakest position group in the draft.  Hunter Henry of Arkansas is supposed to be the best prospect, but the only test he undertook was the bench press  –  no 40, no vertical or broad jump, no agility drills.

Below are the Top 5 in categories beside the previously published bench press.  Seven of the 15 players did not take part in the 40-yard dash.

The 40  (in seconds)
1   Jerrell Adams, South Carolina                                 4.64
2   Temmarick Hemmingway, South Carolina State   4.71
3   Thomas Duarte, U.C.L.A.                                          4.72
.    Austin Hooper, Stanford                                          4.72
5   Ben Braunecker, Harvard                                        4.73

Vertical Jump  (in inches)
1   Stephen Anderson, California             38.0
2   Ben Braunecker, Harvard                    35.5
3   Beau Sandland, Montana State          35.0
4   Ryan Malleck, Virginia Tech                 34.5
5   Thomas Duarte, U.C.L.A.                      33.5

Broad Jump   (in feet and inches)
1   Beau Sandland, Montana State         10’4″
2   Ben Braunecker, Harvard                   10’1″
.    Ryan Malleck, Virginia Tech                10’1″
4   Stephen Anderson, California             9’11”
5   Thomas Duarte, U.C.L.A.                     9’10”

3-Cone Drill   (in seconds)
1  Temmarick Hemmingway, South Carolina State    6.88
2  Ben Braunecker, Harvard                                          6.90
3  David Morgan, Texas-San Antonio                            6.93
4  Thomas Duarte, U.C.L.A.                                            6.97
5  Jerrell Adams, South Carolina                                   7.05
.   Nick Vannett, Ohio State                                            7.05

20_Yard (Short) Shuttle   (in seconds)
1   David Morgan, Texas-San Antonio                            4.19
2   Ben Braunecker, Harvard                                          4.20
.    Nick Vannett, Ohio State                                            4.20
4   Thomas Duarte, U.C.L.A.                                           4.24
5   Jerrell Adams, South Carolina                                   4.31
.    Temmarick Hemmingway, South Carolina State     4.31

These four tight ends made the Top 5 in three of the six categories:
.   Jerrell Adams, South Carolina                                    (40, 3-Cone, 20 Shuttle)
.  Temmarick Hemmingway, South Carolina State   (40, 3-Cone, 20 Shuttle)
.  David Morgan, Texas-San Antonio     (Bench, 3-Cone, 20 Shuttle.  He was first in the bench and the
.                                                                  20 Shuttle.)
.  Beau Sandland, Montana State       (Bench, Vertical Jump, Broad Jump)

One guy made the Top 5 in five of the six categories:
.   Thomas Duarte, U.C.L.A.    (40, Vertical Jump, Broad Jump, 3-Cone, 20 Shuttle)

And one guy placed in the Top 5 in all six of the tests.  In fact, he was in the Top 3 in five of the categories and 4th in the sixth one!
.   Ben Braunecker, Harvard     (Bench, 40, Vertical Jump, Broad Jump, 3-Cone, 20 Shuttle)

Some of the most athletic tight ends played in FCS.


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