Quarterbacks Throw

Prospective quarterbacks threw at the 2016 NFL Combine at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis yesterday.

Most analysts believed that Carson Wentz of North Dakota State had the best overall workout, citing his athleticism in the non-throwing drills.  Wentz is 6′ 5 1/4″ and weighs 237 pounds, meaning he’s built like Ben Roethlisberger, who is 6’5″ and 240.

NFL Network Draft guru Mike Mayock said, “Carson Wentz has been under center.  I’ve watched almost all the throws he made this year.   He’s got good footwork because he’s been under center. He’s done five-step, five with a hitch, seven-step.  He’s got good arm strength, and I thought he was very solid today.”

NFL Network analyst and former Super Bowl-winning quarterback Kurt Warner agrees:  “You can’t see the ground underneath his feet.  He’s sliding them across the grass, so they’re right on the turf all the time.  So any time along the way all of a sudden a guy comes open, he can stick that foot in the ground and let the ball go.  He doesn’t have to wait for his feet to catch up.”

Experts were wary of Paxton Lynch of Memphis because he’s “never been under center in his life.”
It takes time to learn.

The Cleveland Browns will almost certainly take a quarterback with the #2 overall pick, and it will almost certainly be Wentz or California’s Jared Goff.  The consensus is that the Browns wouldn’t go wrong with either one.

Coforepr  favors Wentz.  He’s bigger, more athletic, has a stronger arm.  Goff might be ready sooner, but Cleveland’s not going anywhere in the next few years anyway.  Wentz is the better bet for the long term, which is what the Browns should be looking at.


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