Whither Thou Goest, Demetris?

**  No decision has the potential to affect the final recruiting rankings more than that of
Demetris Robertson, a 5-star wide receiver from Savannah Christian Prep in Georgia.

**  Of course, if Robertson were to go to Alabama, the rankings won’t change a bit  –  #1 can’t move any higher.  Or, if he matriculates at Georgia Tech, the rankings toward the top won’t be affected  –  Georgia Tech is not currently in the Top 50.

** But if he winds up at one of the other destinations he’s considering, that school will get a significant bump.

**  Robertson’s decision is expected on or before February 17th.

**  Academics are a key consideration for the young man and his mother.  He is waiting on test scores to see if he can get in at Stanford; he would need a 100-point improvement over his previous score on the SAT  –  no easy task.  He will visit Stanford if he qualifies for admission.
In fact, unless for some reason he would not like the campus, Robertson will almost certainly sign on with David Shaw’s team.

**  Robertson also will visit Georgia and possibly Alabama  –  or both, if Stanford is a no-go.  He has already taken three of his permitted five official visits:  California, Georgia Tech and Notre Dame.  His mama is said to favor Georgia Tech.

**  Robertson was committed to Alabama for most of his junior year, but it seems his interest in the Tide  has since diminished.  He has backed out on three previously scheduled visits to the Tuscaloosa campus.

**  Notre Dame is rumored to have delivered to Robertson an ultimatum, i.e., sign with us on
National Signing Day or our offer is off the table.

**  Georgia may have disadvantaged itself by signing a lot of wide receivers in its 2016 class.

**  Robertson would be Georgia Tech’s first-ever 5-star recruit.  His high school team’s offense was highly similar to what coach Paul Johnson does at Tech.

**  Though he visited Cal, the Bears now seem to be on a back burner at best.

**  Stay tuned.  The upcoming Demetris Decision will be college football’s news of the day, whenever it goes down.


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