South Carolina State vs FBS

** In 2015 there was only one FCS school that played three FBS teams.  It was Norfolk State, which took on Rutgers, Old Dominion and Marshall to start the season.  All three games were, of course, on the road.  The Spartans got outscored by an average of 44 to 10.  As if it has learned a hard lesson,  Norfolk State will play zero FBS opponents in 2016.

** South Carolina State went 7-4 in last year but did not play any FBS teams.  In 2016 the Bulldogs will open their season with three consecutive games against FBS opponents, all on the road:  September 3 at Central Florida, September 10 at Louisiana Tech, and September 17 at Clemson.
South Carolina should be competitive against U.C.F., which went 0-12 last year.  But La. Tech won nine games and the New Orleans Bowl, and Clemson had a pretty good season as well.


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