Hocutt = CFP Chair, Watson = Manning

**  The College Football Playoff Selection committee’s new chairman will be Kirby Hocutt, the athletic director at Texas Tech.  Hocutt replaces Jeff Long, who served as chair for two years.  Long is the AD at Arkansas.

**  Deshaun Watson of Clemson has won the 2015 Manning Award, which goes to the best college quarterback.  After Watson’s Vince Young-like  performance (478 total yards and four touchdown passes) in the national championship game Monday night against Alabama, few can legitimately argue with the choice.
**  Watson has watched the game repeatedly, evaluating his mistakes and looking for ways to get better.  In his acceptance speech Watson said, “Being able to improve on what we did this year with a lot more veterans, we have a chance to be one of the best offenses ever in college football.  That’s our motivation  –  to be the best ever.”
**  On the season Watson threw for 4,104 yards and 35 touchdowns.  He ran for 1,105 yards and 12 scores.  Total offense per game:  347.3 yards.
**  And now the Manning Award-winner is focused on improving?  That’s got to be a scary thought for future opponents.
**  The Manning Award is named after three former star quarterbacks  –  Archie Manning and his sons Peyton and Eli.  Archie and Eli played for Ole Miss; Peyton was a Tennessee Volunteer.


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