The 2015-2016 Bowls in Retrospect

**  Yesterday coforepr suggested that the last two bowl games (Alamo and Cactus) might have been the best two in terms of high drama.
**  Today we learn that Tom Fornelli, a staff writer for CBS Sports, and Pete Fiutak of
College Football News each ranked the 40 bowls from worst to best (Fornelli) or best to worst (Fiutak).  Both men had T.C.U. ‘s triple overtime win over Oregon in the Alamo Bowl as the best game and listed West Virginia’s 43-42 win over Arizona State in the Cactus Bowl as the third-best.
(They did not agree on what was the second-best game.)

**  The television ratings for the two national semifinals were off 36% from a year ago, which suggests that playing them on New Year’s Eve might not have been the best idea.
**  The deep thinkers at the College Football Playoff and at ESPN blame the fact that both games were blowouts for the lower ratings.  Coforepr   would like to point out that the Orange Bowl did not become one-sided until the second half; in fact, Oklahoma led Clemson at intermission.
**  The semifinals will continue to be played on New Year’s Eve most years.  And that could fairly be called being bullheaded.

**  It wasn’t just the semis that drew low viewership.  The Sugar Bowl (Mississippi pounded Oklahoma State) suffered its lowest rating since 1999.  The Rose Bowl (Stanford’s domination of Iowa) had its worst rating in more than 30 years!



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