CFP Selection Committee’s Second Rankings

Notre Dame entered the all-important top four of the College Football Playoff selection committee rankings this week, joining Clemson, Alabama and Ohio State.  L.S.U. was knocked out of the top four after losing to the Crimson Tide.

Iowa made the most surprising move, jumping from #9 to #5 after an 8-point win at Indiana. Committee chairman Jeff Long noted that Iowa’s strength of schedule is second only to Clemson’s among the six remaining undefeated teams.

At #6 Baylor is the highest-ranked Big 12 team, so the conference is facing the possibility of being locked out of the playoff for a second straight year.  Oklahoma State is #8 after a win over T.C.U. that was generally considered impressive.  (Don’t look too closely at its stats.)

Baylor is 8-0 but none of its victims has a winning record.  That’s about to change, as two of the Bears’ next three opponents are 8-1 and the other is 9-0.  The feeling here is that Baylor can make the playoff by winning out.  The same is probably true for Oklahoma State.


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