Razorbacks at Ole Miss: This Week’s Miraculous Finish

Arkansas 53,  #19 Mississippi 52       (OT)
* It was only fitting that this game would not be decided in a mere 60 minutes.  After all it was tied 7-7, 14-14, 17-17, 24-24, 31-31, 38-38 and 45-45.  Mississippi’s Tony Bridges blocks Cole Hedlund’s 47-yard field goal try as time expires in regulation.
* In overtime things immediately go poorly for Arkansas:  Ole Miss scores a touchdown.  The Razorbacks go incompletion, 5-yard penalty for delay of game, sack for a 10-yard loss, and incompletion.  So now it’s 4th and 25 way back on the 40-yard line.  And here’s where an
ultra-competitive but weird game becomes even weirder.
* Quarterback Brandon Allen completes a pass to Hunter Henry just outside the 25-yard line.  Henry finds himself in the grasp of a defender near the right sideline.  As he’s being tackled around the 27, he slings the ball blindly over his head, high into the air, and almost 15 yards backward.  As it comes down close to the line of scrimmage, a Rebel and a Razorback jump for it as if football had somehow morphed into the tipoff of a basketball game.  The ball bounces on the turf, where it’s picked up at the 41 by Alex Collins, who heads for the opposite (left) sideline before turning the corner and heading upfield.  With blockers and a head of steam he surpasses the line to make before fumbling while being tackled. (Was Collins trying to lateral the ball?) The fumble costs the Hogs a yard or so, but nothing worse, when it’s recovered by Dominique Reed.  First down, Arkansas.  Two plays later Allen hits Drew Morgan for a 9-yard touchdown.
* Going for two and the improbable win, Allen rolls to his right but is sacked by Mississippi’s Marquis Hayes.  Hayes, however, had grabbed Allen’s facemask.  Penalty.  Another try, this time from inside the two.  Allen, who had passed for a career-high 442 yards and six touchdowns, sees a crease to his right and runs into it.  He’s hit at the goal line but falls into the end zone for the winning points.
* Arkansas coach Bret Bielema can’t stop smiling.  At the post-game press conference he says, “I’m looking forward to hopping on the wife.”  He quickly corrects himself:  “Hopping on the plane, with my wife.  I can’t believe I just said that.”


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