Black and White Protest by the Black and Gold

* Thirty-two black Missouri football players have decided they will not participate in team activities until university president Tim Wolfe resigns or is otherwise removed from office.  There have been racial slurs and other race-related incidents at the large (35,000 students) and predominantly white campus over the past several months.  The feeling among black students in general is that Wolfe has been negligent in dealing with such issues at his school.

* In October at the homecoming parade Wolfe refused to talk to black students who blocked his car.  The protesters had to be escorted from the scene by police.

* Head coach Gary Pinkel is siding with his black players.  The athletes and their coach have, in separate instances, declared, “We are united.”  Practice was canceled yesterday.  A joint statement by Pinkel and athletic director Mack Rhoads ties the end of the players’ protest to the end of a hunger strike by 25-year-old Jonathan L. Butler, a black grad student.

*It is not known for sure if the football players will boycott games.  Missouri is scheduled to play B.Y.U. this Saturday at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City.  If the Tigers are unable or unwilling to field a team, canceling the game would mean Missouri has to pay B.Y.U. $1,000,000.


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