AP Poll Movement after Week 9

* Poll movement?  Simply put, there wasn’t much.  Five of the top seven teams didn’t even play, and there were no upsets among the top 20.  Notre Dame and Stanford switched places at #8
and #9;  voters were more impressed with the Irish’s narrow win over Temple than Stanford’s narrow win over Washington State.  Notre Dame plays at Stanford on November 28.  Memphis and Michigan also switched places with the Tigers moving up to #15.  The Wolverines were fortunate to beat Minnesota, doing so literally by inches at their own goal line at game’s end.  Maybe the football fates owed ’em one.

* What change there was occurred in the bottom of the Top 25.  Two ACC teams  –  Duke and Pittsburgh  –  lost at home and dropped out of the poll.  This is not an indictment of the conference, as it was ACC teams that beat them in both cases.  In fact, Pitt’s conqueror replaced the Panthers in the Top 25; North Carolina is in at #21 this week.  The other new team is
Texas A&M at #25.  The Aggies were a Top 10 team before a pair of losses knocked them out of the rankings.  U.C.L.A. climbed two spots to #22 while Temple dropped just two places to #23, obviously earning respect by hanging tough against Notre Dame.

* Only one voter changed his mind regarding #1; T.C.U. took a first-place ote from idle Baylor.  Probably has more to do with the season-ending neck injury to Seth Russell than anything else.

* There will be three matchups of ranked teams on Saturday.  Third-ranked Clemson hosts
#17 Florida State, #4 Louisiana State plays at #7 Alabama, and #5 Texas Christian is at
#12 Oklahoma State.


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