AP Poll Movement after Week 5

Mississippi had gone to Tuscaloosa and upset Alabama, causing a meteoric rise in the polls for the former and a precipitous drop for the latter.  Two weeks ago today, in a post entitled “AP Poll Movement after Week 3”, Coforepr  wrote, “This week the Crimson Tide ranks nine places lower than Ole Miss.  Does anyone really think that Alabama is only the 12th-best team in the country?  When all is said and done at the end of the season, will the Rebels rank nine places higher than ‘Bama?  Coforepr  doubts it very much.”

Since then Alabama has won a pair of games, including an upset of highly-regarded Georgia.  Mississippi has gone 1-1 with a blowout loss at Florida last week.  As a result Alabama has risen to #8 in the AP Poll and is back in the running for a berth in the College Football Playoff, while Ole Miss has fallen to #14.  So, after finding itself nine places lower than Mississippi two polls ago, the Tide is now ranked six places higher than the Rebels.

It took all of two weeks.

Wisconsin, Mississippi State and West Virginia dropped out of the AP Poll this week after losses.  Iowa, who beat the Badgers in Madison, Toledo and Boise State moved into the Top 25.

The biggest jump of the week was executed by Florida, which rose 14 places to #11 after its mauling of Ole Miss.  Clemson’s narrow win over Notre Dame shouldn’t have been worth a jump of six places, but it was.  Utah at #5, Alabama at #8, Texas A&M at #9 and Oklahoma at #10 all enjoyed significant rises of five places.

Michigan State dropped from #2 to #4 after struggling in the second half at home against Purdue.  The largest drop of the week saw U.C.L.A. fall 13 places after a miserable loss at home to
Arizona State.  Two SEC teams, Mississippi and Georgia, were off 11 places after their aforementioned losses to conference foes.  Notre Dame inexplicably dropped nine places to #15 after turning the ball over four times at rainy Clemson and losing by two.

There are only two matchups of Top 25 teams on tap for Saturday.  #13 Northwestern is at
#18 Michigan in what promises to be an epic defensive struggle, and #23 California visits #5 Utah in a late game.




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