New Coaches for 2015: Bill Cubit at Illinois

Name:  Bill Cubit
Team:  Illinois Fighting Illini
Replaces:  Tim Beckman, who was fired a week before the first game of the season, for allegedly
.       mistreating players.
Previous Head Coaching Experience:  Five seasons at Division III Widener (1992 – 1996) and eight
.       seasons at Western Michigan (2005 – 2012).  Combined record:  85-65-1.
Personal:  Age 61.  Wife Nancy, one son, two daughters, three grandkids.  Son Ryan started at
.       quarterback at Western Michigan from 2004 to 2006 and coached with Bill at both Western
.       Michigan and Illinois, where he remains on staff.
**  Offensive coordinator at Illinois in 2013 and 2014.
**  Spent time on the coaching staffs at Central Florida, Florida, Akron, Missouri, Rutgers and
.     Stanford.
**  His OC contract called for a salary of $515,000 this year; he’ll make an extra $400,000 for taking
.     over on an interim basis for the 2015 season.
**  An offensive brainiac, Cubit was the MAC Coach of the Year in 2005.
**  He got into an argument with Beckman on the sideline in a game against Ohio State in 2013.
.     Cubit had called a play that resulted in a safety.  Other coaches had to separate the two.
**  Cubit will be a kinder, gentler coach than the controlling and harsh Beckman.
**  Cubit will be considered for the position permanently.  At a press conference Friday he said of
.     Illinois, “I love this place.”


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