Taking in a Predator

Some are calling for Baylor coach Art Briles to resign over the Sam Ukwuachu case.  That is just not going to happen.  Briles has built the program in Waco in part by taking on players of questionable character who are therefore  in need of  second chances.  He will survive the current brouhaha.

But should he?  Much has been made of what Chris Petersen, then the coach at Boise State, did or did not tell Briles in the increasingly infamous telephone conversation between the two regarding
Ukwuachu’s  aberrant and violent  behavior at Boise.   He said, he said.  But let’s go beyond the call to the real bottom line:  There was so much noise coming out of Boise State that the only way Briles and Baylor could not have known about Ukwuachu is that they didn’t dig deep enough.  When an
All-American defensive end with years of eligibility remaining suddenly is on the market, there has to be a reason.

So why didn’t Briles dig?  It was simple:  He didn’t want to know.


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