No Sweat, Just Move On

There were two stories in the news this week about college football players who got into trouble and/or wore out their welcomes at one program and just went to another school.  In one situation things definitely did not turn out well; in the other, the next chapter is yet to be written.

Defensive end Sam Ukwuachu left Boise State amid a litany of disciplinary troubles, transferring to Baylor.  On Friday (August 21) a Texas district court sentenced Ukwuachu to six months in jail and 10 years of probation for sexually assaulting a woman last year.  The victim played soccer at Baylor.

School president Ken Staff wants a thorough “internal inquiry into the circumstances associated with the case and the conduct of the offices involved.”  The implication is that coach Art briles never should have accepted Ukwuachu into the football program and that the serious allegations against the 22-year-old were not dealt with properly.

Indiana safety Antonio Allen was kicked off the team in June, one day after being arrested for dealing drugs.  Specifically it’s methamphetamine, heroin and cocaine.  Though he’s still facing charges on five counts, Indiana State is taking him in.  Allen is transferring to the Sycamores, whose coach, Mike Sanford, has looked into matters and believes the 20-year-old is worth the risk.

Indiana State is coming off back-to-back eight-win seasons and is ranked 20th in Coforepr ‘s Preseason FCS Top 25 Composite.

Meanwhile, kicker Ammon Lakip will miss Clemson’s first three games after a drug arrest in the off season.  The charges were possession of cocaine, drunk driving and a related refusal to take the test, be it blood, breath or urine.  Lakip, who made good on 75% of 28 field goal attempts in 2014, has been indefinitely suspended since early June, when this all went down.

Lakip is out for the September 5 game against Wofford – an FCS school.  Also, he’ll sit for the September 12 game against Appalachian State – an FCS school as recently as two years ago.  The one game in which the 13th-ranked Tigers might actually miss him is the September 17 date with Louisville.  Coach Dabo Swinney said Lakip likely will be back in uniform when Clemson hosts
11th-ranked Notre Dame on October 3.  How convenient!

There was one story in which a student-athlete’s second chance does not, at this time, involve an immediate future in football.  Tyreek Hill, an All-Big 12 all-purpose player who gained 1,811 yards last season at Oklahoma State, pleaded guilty to attempting to strangle his girlfriend late last year.
Oh, and she was pregnant at the time.  Hill got three years probation, during which time he must stay away from trouble.  If he’s successful in doing so, his case will be dismissed and the felony will not appear on his record.  He has to take an anger management course and a course for batterers that lasts a year, as well as work or go to school.  Hill plans to take classes and return to football, but he doesn’t know where.


Coming Monday…Strength of schedule for FBS’s top thirty teams.


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