Aubie the Tiger vs. Lee Corso

College GameDay on ESPN in the morning sets the stage for autumn Saturdays to be spent watching college football.  Since 1996 Lee Corso has donned the mascot headgear of the team he’s picking to win the game of the week.  The crowd behind him cheers wildly or boos lustily.  It’s great stuff.

But Auburn doesn’t want to play.  It won’t let Corso put on the headgear.  He says Auburn is
“the only school in America” with a policy which prohibits him from doing so.  The Tigers’ thinking:
No one can be the mascot except the mascot.  While respect for a school’s traditions is important, it seems that Auburn is missing out on a chance for some fun.  How can the extra publicity and exposure be bad?

Corso laughingly says he just won’t ever pick Auburn.  It’s not known if he’s serious.

One wonders, though, if College GameDay might be less likely to go to Auburn because of the ban.
If there are two standout choices for game of the week, the popular show could gravitate in the other direction.

What does Aubie the Tiger have to say about that?


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