The Continuing, Continuing Saga of Dominique Hatfield

On Monday, August 3, Utah’s erstwhile cornerback Dominique Hatfield was charged with misdemeanor assault.  The charges were filed almost a month after a July 5 incident at a party. Someone Hatfield knew asked him to stop rolling marijuana because he didn’t want the smell of the smoke to permeate the room in which many Utah athletes had congregated.  The athletes, of course, are subject to drug testing.

Hatfield and others grabbed the acquaintance who’d made the request and hit him in the face, shoulders and back, causing cuts and bruises.

Greg Skordas, Hatfield’s lawyer, suggests the case is without merit and is frustrated that it was filed four weeks after the fact.  He said he and his client have been cooperating with prosecutors in an ongoing , unrelated case in which Hatfield has been cleared of aggravated robbery, though less serious charges against him are said to be in the offing.  (See coforepr posts Dominique Hatfield on July 3, Hatfield Update on July 8 and The Continuing Saga of Dominique Hatfield on July 21.)

Skordas expects this latest matter will be in the courts for some time and laments the effect it will have on Hatfiled’s eligibility as a student at Utah and/or his eligibility as a student-athlete at another school.

Hatfield was dismissed from the Utes on July 10, presumably because of the aggravated robbery case.  But coach Kyle Whittingham said at that time that “further concerns” about Hatfield had arisen.  It’s likely he was referring to the party-marijuana-assault incident.

Hatfield realizes he’s history as a football player at Utah but hopes to possibly catch on with another program.

Will anyone be interested in taking a chance on a 20-year-old with multiple legal problems?


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