Can We Make It Two More Months?

It’s late in June of 2015.  When college football makes news at this time of year, it’s often for bad stuff because there’s not much newsworthy good stuff happening.

Everything in this post was reported earlier this month.

Central Michigan … Cornerback Derrick Nash dies of leukemia at the age of 20.  The disease was diagnosed in Nash two years ago while he was still in high school in Saginaw.

Clemson … Kicker Ammon Lakip is indefinitely suspended after being charged with cocaine possession and DUI.

Indiana … Starting safety Antonio Allen is booted from the team after the Indiana State Police charge him with five counts of dealing drugs.

Louisiana State … Defensive tackle Trey Lealaimatafao beats a man into unconsciousness in a bar fight, punches the face of the man’s girlfriend and steals things from their pockets.  Lealaimatafao is arrested and charged with battery and robbery.
Mere hours later quarterback Anthony Jennings, defensive lineman Maquedius Bain and defensive back Dwayne Thomas are arrested for “unauthorized entry of a dwelling,” purportedly to retrieve items that had been stolen from Jennings a week before.
L.S.U. suspends all four players.

Missouri … Defensive lineman Harold Brantley is seriously injured in a one-car accident in Columbia after his car flips.  Neither Brantley nor his passenger, women’s basketball player Madeline Stock, was wearing a seat belt.  Stock’s injuries are minor.

Orlando, Florida … Lightning strikes Lou Holtz’s 11,000-square foot Orlando home, sets it on fire and causes extensive damage, especially to the roof.  Half of his sports memorabilia collection is  destroyed.

Texas … Former Texas quarterback Chris Simms admits, “There may have been cash going around to some other players…I may have gotten a few $100 handshakes every now and then to sign some autographs for alumni.”

U.C.L.A. …Defensive back Justin Combs’ father is arrested on campus for assault with a deadly weapon.  Sean “Diddy” Combs had attacked U.C.L.A. strength and conditioning coach Sal Alosi with a kettlebell in the weight room.  Alosi allegedly had been berating the younger Combs for some time.

Vanderbilt …Former Vanderbilt football players Cory Batey and Brandon Vandenberg are found guilty of raping an unconscious female student, but a judge agrees to declare a mistrial because the jury’s foreman had not revealed that he himself was a rape victim 15 years prior.

Washington … On doctors’ recommendations,  starting quarterback Cyler Miles reluctantly gives up football due to chronic hip injuries.

Rocker Meatloaf once sang, “So now I’m praying for the end of time to hurry up and arrive.”
We need nothing that drastic, but it would sure be nice if the 2015 season, which is still two months away, would “hurry up and arrive.”


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